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“good art is good medicine for the human spirit”

Gerrit V.L. Verstraete, AOCA, BFA, MA, MTH


Lots to read, but I assure you it’s really fascinating.


New for 2014: The Weatherstone Project is creative initiative that begins with the writing of my new epic poem titled “Weatherstone: Rachel’s Odyssey.” This follows my first epic, “Cerulean Odyssey,” written from 2004  to 2012. Included in The Weatherstone Project will be a series of abstract paintings. The following is a recent painting for The Weatherstone Project titled: “Concetto Sky Writer,” in acrylic on canvas (48 x 36 in. / 122 x 115 cm.). Concetto means the birth of an idea.


Other links: Masterpeace Fine Art Gallery is a direct link to examples of my artwork. Enjoy.

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NEW for 2015: The Salmonhead Society is a literary initiative of the Drawing Society of Canada (est.1998) to value the cultural capital of poetry that swims against the current of conventions, yet marks a revival of an art form that remains committed to eloquence and drawing pictures with words, such as the epic poem. Visit us as http://salmonhead.yolasite.com

“all in a day’s work”

Some of the artwork contains images of nude models. Viewer discretion advised.