Masterpeace Fine Art Gallery



Masterpeace Fine Art Gallery presents the artwork of Gerrit Verstraete in a number of special showcase galleries including:  

New Works - up to date images of the most recent drawings and paintings, and with new works added on a monthly basis.

Abstract - a diverse selection of multi-disciplinary works in a variety of media and styles from pure abstraction to minimalism including original monoprinting as illustrated above.

Realism and Expressionism - the art of fine drawing in imaginative styles and contemporary creative expressions including drawing on mixed media surfaces.

Classical Figurative - these are Gerrit Verstraete’s figurative drawings whose traditions date back centuries to the Renaissance and whose form lies in drawing from the nude figure.

Silverpoint - in the tradition of 15th century silverpoint drawings by such artists as Da Vinci and Michelangelo, Durer and Rembrandt, Gerrit Verstraete is one of the leading artists in a contemporary revival of metal point drawing. Read his special article “The Art of Silverpoint Drawing” is this website. Gerrit Verstraete is one of only a small number of artists worldwide who have dedicated time to create these special fine drawings.

Cerulean Odyssey - a series of drawings and mixed media paintings that celebrate the epic poems “Cerulean Odyssey – the long distance voyager,” begun by Gerrit Verstraete in 2004, comprising to date, over 300 tableaux ( poems or verses ) and currently in the writing of “the third odyssey.”

Signature Photographs - selections from over 40 years of photography by Gerrit Verstraete, especially since acquiring a digital camera.

Associate Artists - this gallery features artists who have become associated with Gerrit Verstraete’s personal studio, having demonstrated creative ability and determination to “walk in the footsteps of masters” as Gerrit Verstraete has done since first enrolling at the Ontario College of Art & Design in 1964.