Writings and Poetry


The writings of Gerrit Verstraete comprise these main categories.

1. THE WISDOM OR SPIRITUAL WRITINGS on a variEty of topics from arts commentary to essays to spiritual teachings such as the “Kingdom of God”. For your inspiration and enjoyment there are three selections.

1.The Kingdom of God - the-kingdom-of-god.pdf

2. The Spiritual in Art – the-spiritual-in-art.pdf

3. The Studio – an intimate portrait of the artist’s studio – the-studio.pdf

4. For online courses see Masterpeace Academy of Art and Spirituality at www.masterpeaceacademy.com


2. THE NOVELS that have been completed over the past many years include:

1. “Homeward Bound” ( an autobiography, to be published )

2. “Death of a Model” (to be published )

3. “The Pioneer” (to be published)

4. “On the Run,” (published – Publish America, see Amazon.ca)

5. “Sweet Bitter Spring,” a Novel of WWII ( to be released in 2014)

3. THE POETRY includes a selection of poems and the epic series of “Cerulean Odyssey,” of which Volumes 1, and 2-5 have been published as POD initiatives and available at Amazon.ca

The entire epic begun in 2004 was finally completed on the last day of 2013, and will be published as a complete 10 volume book in 2013. It is the longest epic poem ever written in Canadian literature. Gerrit Verstraete began creative writing when he was a student at art college in 1964.

1. “Cerulean Odyssey,” Volume 1 (published, Publish America, see Amazon.ca

2. “Cold Winter Breath, ” Volumes 2 – 5, of the epic “Cerulean Odyssey.” (published, Publish America, see Amazon.ca)

3. “Cerulean Odyssey – the Epic,”  10 Volumes, Annotated Text Version. ( to be released in the Fall of 2014 or Spring 2014)