This is the official website of artist and Canadian drawing master Gerrit V.L.Verstraete.  This site encompasses his creative journey in fine art, writing, poetry, spiritual writings, commentary, and an archive for previous works of art. In addition to the artist’s account of his personal journey, a broad selection of current and previous work will continue to be exhibited in his online Masterpeace Fine Art Gallery

Enjoy a convenient direct link www.masterpeacegallery.com 

Gerrit Verstraete has created a large body of contemporary and classical works that span over forty years. An exciting rebirth of creative activity began in 1992, when his life took a major turn towards full time fine art in his Pacific west coast island studio, which he calls his “sanctuary” and “private chapel.” Masterpeace Fine Art Gallery is his way of sharing an exciting personal journey in the arts and is his invitation to anyone interested in fine art to spend some time in the studio gallery and enjoy the special exhibitions that have been put together. Gerrit Verstraete is a classically trained fine artist who enjoys a reputation as one of Canada’s leading figurative artists in many different media including a special passion for silverpoint drawing. His art covers many styles and disciplines from realism and expressionism to abstract and minimalism, in drawings, paintings, mono prints and mixed-media works. “I sincerely hope that what I have written for this website about art and my personal journey as an artist and the images shown, will help people understand art better. May every artist and all who appreciate art, who spend time here, be encouraged. Despite all the creative excitement, it’s a formidable journey nevertheless.” Gerrit Verstraete.  

Here’s what some of Gerrit Verstraete’s contemporaries have said.

A great artist with a teacher’s heart.” Vincent Leonard.  

“I have come to appreciate the consistent quality of his work, and his willingness to creatively explore and experiment between solid classical works on the one hand and abstract expressionist work on the other. His research into silverpoint work is excellent. He is also passionate about teaching art and raising the awareness of art through education in Canada. I believe he is a valuable contribution art in Canada. ”Myfanwy Pavelic ( 1916-2007 ). 

“Gallery walls are proud to hold your work.” John Gould, Barrie,Ontario – Canadian drawing master.  

“I really enjoyed looking at your work on-line. It’s wonderful to hear from someone who really cares about the arts & artists, and to read about your evolution as an artist,” Donna Balkan, Senior Communications Manager, Canada Council for the Arts. 

“Your work looks extremely interesting particularly with respect to the juxtaposition of realism and abstraction. You have been working toward this goal for some time and that is certainly evident.”  Wynn Kramarsky, the New York Collection, New York.